Welcome to the World of Online Counselling

Traditionally, counselling is done face to face with your therapist. Nowadays, with the trend of using internet communication in almost every aspect of our lives, there is now another way to conduct your counselling session and this is through online counselling. According to those who have experienced both methods of counselling, either through online or physical presence, both cannot be judged as better than the other or not. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The impression of some people on online cincinnati counseling is that since a counsellor cannot see your body language, counselling may not be as effective as doing a face-to-face session. There is now a comparison on which is considered more significant, the body language during the face-to-face session or what is being said, heard or talked about. Others would claim that online conversations is actually more focused on the discussion between the patient and the therapist, compared when both persons are in the same room and some distractions could occur like the color of clothing both are wearing, or how the other one is sitting, etc. 

There are several options in doing online counselling and each has its own advantage. Using a webcam is a version of doing a face-to-face counselling over the internet, and makes you feel as if you are in the same room. Another advantage of doing a webcam counselling is that you do not need to travel, face the traffic, or worry on what you will wear simply because you do not need to leave home. All you need is a computer, a webcam, access to the internet, and a quiet room in your home. You can talk and see your therapist with confidence and in a relax mode since you are in your own space. If you do not want to face your therapist, you can also choose to talk without the video, and this is just similar to phone counselling.

If you have difficulty in talking about your difficult experiences, you can use the method through windows messenger or Skype, wherein you can just type out your concerns and the therapist can just respond with questions or thoughts about what you have expressed on letters.

Some feel uneasy if they are in a room with a therapist. There is another type of cincinnati counseling that has been here for a while, and this is email counselling. If you exchange emails with your therapist, you can think, compose properly, and can take your time to write what you feel and think. Also, everything what the therapist says is documented and this is a good way to refresh yourself on what you should do or react on cases you asked help for.